TIP 1.  Post on your social media!

You may be closed, but you still

need to stay connected

with your customers

"Hi, folks, we miss you guys and can't wait to get back to business......"

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr Social Icon
  • Instagram

TIP 2.  Reassure your customers that you're returning 

Most customers are loyal ;

they will welcome your return

"We have secured new products, check them out......"

TIP 3.  Create a short and uplifting "miss you" video

Remind your customers visually of what you, 

your business premises,

and your products or services, look like

We will make this

for you for free

see below

TIP 4. Engage directly with your Customers

Try to get your online followers to engage

with comments or likes using creative posts

"Which one do you prefer, the Red or Blue?"

"How do you like your steak cooked 1.Rare 2.Medium 3.Well done ?"

Facebook and Instagram posts are only displayed

to 10%-15% of your followers, but this increases

significantly if they engage with your post 


(Boosting a post to those who like your page is important.

We can help you with your online marketing)

TIP 5. Ask again

Make your followers feel personally invested in your 

business by asking them what they actually want.

"What products do you think we should carry when we reopen?"

"Do you think we should do some vegan options?"

"We were thinking of selling online ~ what do you think?"

We would love to help you:

  • Reach out to your followers

  • Market your business online

  • Make your promo videos

  • Build your website

  • Get you selling online

Remember....this too shall pass

We hope you guys make it back to the business frontline soon 

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